Full moon names

Full moon names
Photo by Sierra NiCole Narvaeth / Unsplash

The harvest moon is probably the most well-known full moon name, and The Old Farmer's Almanac publishes a list of "traditional" full moon names every year. However, a lot of the names never resonated with me. I don't harvest much out of my small garden, it doesn't snow where I live, I don't hunt, and there aren't any wolves or sturgeons that I've seen living here. I also try to avoid appropriating things from cultures that aren't my own.

So, for the past 3-4 years, I've been working on my own list of moon names, trying to more closely observe the natural world around me while also incorporating some yearly traditions of my own into the mix. I imagine some of these may change over the years, especially as my own traditions change and as our poor little blue planet continues to be hit with climate change.

January: Coyote Moon

This was a fairly easy one to decide on. At our old house, you could hear the coyotes running up and down the creek howling their little heads off.

February: Birdsong Moon

For whatever reason, I always notice birdsong the most in early February mornings. Maybe because it's finally starting to get lighter out when I'm waking up.

March: Daffodil Moon

So many of our neighbors have daffodils planted in their yards. They're one of the first floral signs of spring in Raleigh, and their happy yellow blooms are always a welcome sight.

April: Pollen Moon

If you've ever spent an April in Raleigh, you will know what I mean by this one. The pine trees fill the sky with a thick yellow haze, which makes its way into every nook and cranny.

May: Snake Moon

This is typically a big cycling month for me, and it's also when I see tons of snakes on the greenway! Black snakes, copperheads, you name it. I never bother them, and they never bother me.

June: Strawberry Moon

This is the only moon name that felt particularly relevant to me. I often volunteer at a community garden, and the strawberry harvest is in full swing in June.

July: Beach Moon

Every other year, Corey's family hosts "Martinfest" at Sunset Beach, which is a family reunion-type thing. Even on the off years, we typically head to the beach for at least one weekend in July.

August: Heat Moon

This one is self-explanatory. August is hot. 🥵

September: Acorn Moon

Raleigh is the city of oaks, and September is when the acorns come out in full force. They make walking crunchy, and watching the squirrels bury their winter stock is always a good time.

October: Changing Leaf Moon

Probably the prettiest time of year around here. The trees go from green to yellow, orange, brown, and red.

November: Family Moon

I try to get up to my sister's place for my niece's birthday (which happens to coincide with Thanksgiving) about every other year. When we don't do that, we typically spend our time off work with Corey's family.

December: Resting Moon

Cold and dark months are pretty tough for me, and slogging through December is the worst of it. I try to take this month to reflect and relax. And, every year immediately following Christmas, Corey and I head to western North Carolina to rent a cabin with a hot tub and get some much-needed isolation.