Speed gremlin

Speed gremlin

A little while ago, I took Jean to her first Fast CAT event. We signed up for two fun runs: 50 yards and 100 yards. Each time, I had Corey hold her while I walked to the other end of the track, then I called her and she ran as fast as she could to me. There is a lure, but I'm not sure she really realized that.

She was kind of a stinker when it came to catching her, but otherwise it was a really good experience. She ignored the other dogs for the most part, which was something I was particularly worried about, as she has been reactive in the past.

Two weekends later, I took her again, but we did two full scored runs. I've also been practicing a lot getting her to put her collar on, and it paid off! She came right to me at the end of her run, jumped into my arms, and let me put her collar on with no fuss.

Her fastest time was 9.48 seconds, which averages out to 21.58 miles per hour. Not bad for a little dog! She earned 60.39 points for her two runs, which meant we were only 89.61 points away from her first title (BCAT). I found another event just 15 minutes from our house, so I signed her up for both days, two runs each.

Saturday was both cold and rainy. Waiting in line, we wrapped her up in a towel right up to the gate. She was a little off on her first run, going at about half her normal speed, but her second run was much better, and her final run (9.56 seconds / 21.4 mph) was close to her personal best! All-in-all, she earned a total of 107.65 points! Jean now has her official BCAT title, and I couldn't be more proud.