Pieces of Her (season 1)

I binged 90% of this in a day. The acting is good, the plot is fun, and it’s easy to keep hitting “next episode” without too much thought. I enjoyed the ending.

A Deadly Education (book)

A really fun, kinda scary, very amusing read about a magic school where parents send their children to fight off malevolent creatures who are out to get them and feed off their energy. An alternative to Harry Potter that I really enjoyed. Looking forward to the next book in the series!

Bad Hair (movie)

I went into this looking for something to have on in the background, but wow this really blew away my expectations. Thoroughly enjoyable campy horror movie about hair that goes out for blood.

CODA (movie)

This had been on my list for awhile, and it was really good! Very wholesome. My only complaint is how did the high school choir teacher afford that gigantic house haha. I’ve also never seen a high school teacher of anything that enthused about their job, but maybe that’s just an indicator that I didn’t grow up with great teachers.

The Lost City (movie)

A silly romantic comedy with plenty of laughs and decent acting. Fun play on gender roles with the main characters.

Media roundup #3