The Power of the Dog (movie)

Good western with some seriously fucked up characters. Slow, but enjoyable.

Deep Space Nine (season 4)

Worf! Not really a fan of the whole Odo/Kira relationship building, but I guess it was a different time back then. I've really enjoyed watching the characters grow, especially Julian who started off as a silly puppy-love type character. They made Quark a whole lot more mean this season which was, uh, interesting, I guess? The Odo twist was somethin! Can’t believe we only get three more seasons of this, but we might weave in some Voyager since they overlapped a bit.

Chloë and the Next 20th Century (album)

What’s this? A music review?! I don’t know how often I’ll do this, but I’ve been anticipating this one since FJM’s last two albums (Pure Comedy and God’s Favorite Customer) didn’t really do it for me. This one is great though! Q4 is a banger, and Funny Girl sounds like the kind of song that’ll get stuck in my head.

Upload (season 2)

Continuing the Black Mirror (but make it comedy!) vibe. Some fun twists this season now that they’ve set the scene. The end of this season didn’t feel like the end of a season, so I hope it gets some more airtime. Or stream time?

Severance (season 1)

I’m an Adam Scott fan, and this show is really weird, so of course it’s right up my alley. Lots of intrigue and those dang cliffhangers at every episode! Pumped for the confirmed second season.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

At least as good as the first one, which is a staple in our lazy movie selection rotation and one of two movies we have DVDs of (the other is Into the Spider-verse). A solid sequel with way too many children in the theater. Possibly Jim Carrey’s last movie? Concession highlights included Impossible Nuggets and a 1.5-pound pretzel I should not have finished.

The Clovehitch Killer (movie)

Good suspense thriller! I love a serial killer movie, and this particular premise was a good one. I technically fell asleep during the last 30 minutes, but I haven't been motivated to go back to it.

The Other Lamb (movie)

A cult? Women uprising against a man? I’m in, baby!

The Northman

Wow. Just... wow. Fully lived up to my expectations. I'm excited to get a digital copy so I can rewatch it over and over again along with The Witch and The Lighthouse.

Good Boy

A fun dark comedy. The dogs loved watching the dog on the TV, which is always amusing.


Cultural horror. I don't think I've seen many Jewish-specific movies, especially horror, and this one was really good.

wecrashed (season 1)

I absolutely adore the relationship between the two main characters. And yeah, both of them are very intense people, so it tracks and feels believable. The startup bits I already knew most everything about, so there weren't a lot of twists and turns there. The summer camp episode was *chef kiss*.

Media roundup #4