Overnight bike camping tips

Overnight bike camping tips

Photo by Tobias Kebernik on Unsplash.

After attending the Oak City Cycling Project‘s  WTF (women, trans, femme) campout this weekend, I thought I would share  a few tips I learned during out sub-24-hour trip. We rode out to  William B. Umstead State Park Saturday afternoon and came back the next  day once Caroline finally finished all her oatmeal.

Arts & crafts

Bring paper and crayons. Two people think of a word, then you say  your words at the same time. Everybody has to draw their interpretation  of the two-word phrase, then one “presenter” explains everybody’s  artwork. Pick new words and a new presenter each round. Repeat as  necessary.


Plan your trip during the Perseid Meteor Shower.  Wander out to the gravel road once it gets dark and lay on the rocks.  Decide everybody should pee in the ditch at the same time. Exclaim  loudly whenever you see a meteor.


Buy a box of wine (red is the only correct choice). Take the bag out  of the box, and pack it. It’ll be heavy, but it’s worth it. Drink  responsibly (or not, since you didn’t bring your car and you sure aren’t  getting on your bike anytime soon). If you’re feeling really classy,  drink right out of the bag.


Mix and match snacks to make Ultimate Snacks. For example, if one  camper brings avocado and another brings cheese and crackers, make  cheese and avocado crackers. If one camper brings veggie dogs and  another camper brings tofu sloppy joe’s, make a weird vegetarian chili  dog. Proceed to eat said chili dog Lady and the Tramp style to strengthen camper bonds.