Solo trailer camping at Jordan Lake

I went on my first solo trailer camping trip last weekend.

Solo trailer camping at Jordan Lake

Previously, I had only camped with at least one other person to help set up, take down, and keep me company. (Dogs aren't much help with the first two items, although they're perfectly capable of the third!)


  • hitched the trailer
  • backed the trailer into the (very wide) camping spot
  • asked a stranger for help with the electricity (gotta flip all the breakers at some sites, apparently)
  • drove to the right spot the first time (I have a habit of going to the wrong campground at Jordan Lake)

Things I forgot

  • wheel for the front of the trailer (used a stump that happened to be there)
  • butter
  • milk for coffee
  • Nintendo Switch
  • how to start a fire
  • hot cocoa

Forgetting the video games wasn't really a bad thing. I ended up making some good progress on the book I'm reading. Even being unable to start the fire wasn't bad, since the trailer is heated, and I was flanked by two very warm dogs and lots of blankets.

Taken while hiking the New Hope Overlook trail.

I only camped the first night alone. On Saturday, four lovely friends showed up once I was back from a long hike with the dogs. They brought fire-starting supplies, butter, and milk for coffee! We cooked (faux) hotdogs, made s'mores, and drank lots of wine by the fire. One group forgot their tent, so three people and three dogs squeezed in like sardines in the trailer Saturday night.

I'm hoping to go camping a total of twelve times this year, so hopefully there will be more blog posts like this one!