There's something a little unnerving about leaving the dogs in the trailer for any amount of time. There's lots that can go wrong in a living space that isn't exactly designed to be lived in full time. One of those things is heating/cooling issues. I'm also terrified of having the dogs locked in the trailer in the event of a fire (trailers burn quickly).

Here's the setup I ended up with:

Setup steps

  1. Download the Solis app on the iPad, get it registered, logged in, and connected.
  2. Rename the Solis wifi (see troubleshooting below) and reconnect the iPad to it.
  3. Connect the Eve Room.
  4. Connect the eufy Solo P24.
  5. View on your phone from a different wifi network or using cell service to verify everything's working.


You need to rename the hotspot to something without a # symbol, which is what the Solis Lite comes with standard. I renamed mine to Solis.

I tried to get a HomePod mini to work with this setup, it refused to connect to the Solis wifi network. I could not figure out why, so that one is going to stay at the house. Not sure if this would work with an Apple TV.

The Solis really wants a device to stay connected to it, so that also needs to be connected to the iPad via their app. Having the app on your phone will shut down the internet once the phone disconnects from that network (i.e. when you leave the vicinity). This makes sense, as I'm definitely using this hotspot for things outside the norm.

I'm now going to be much more comfortable leaving the dogs for short amounts of time if we want to go on a hike or need to run to the store for something. Previously, one of us has always stayed behind to make sure the dogs were okay.