Festival of Legends

Festival of Legends

Corey and I headed to the Festival of Legends—a fairy festival—this afternoon.

The first thing we did was grab some ravioli at a food truck, because lord knows I was hungry, and it had the shortest line. Shortly thereafter, we got a couple of glasses of mead from the local(ish) meadery. We perused the various vendors, grabbed some Rain Delay lagers from Clouds Brewing.

We watched the Cheeky Monkey Sideshow, which left some unanswered questions for Corey when "the gastronomical wonder" swallowed an entire balloon. There was a real sword swallower, too!

A man swallows a sword while a child is on stage beside him.
This was, by far, the most legit act.

I headed back over to one of the vendors after the show, Trinket, who also just happens to be the "gastronomical wonder." I bought a lovely, heavy fox necklace off of her while she told me about her ducks and the squirrel she rescued.

Closeup of a silver fox necklace being worn by a woman with a yellow dress.
It's so heavy and good!

At some point, we also saw some axe throwing, juggling, silks, a full set of armor, and some music. We also got a baked potato each. 🥔

Corey didn't dress up, but I sure did! Here's a few more shots of my costume.