Weekend at Greenbrier Campground & Gatlinburg

Weekend at Greenbrier Campground & Gatlinburg
Before my sister and her family arrived.

Corey and I (and the dogs, of course) piled into the car early Friday morning to meet up with my sister, her husband, and their two kids (and their two dogs, of course).

Riverside view from the campsite.
Tiberious doing Tiberious things.

I didn't take any photos, but all the humans piled in the truck and went into Gatlinburg on Saturday. It was a little bit like a theme park disguised as a town. There were a ton of people there, and shops, and almost no parking. The food at the Italian restaurant was good, though, and the cider tasting was pretty fun. I also got a chance to start my holiday shopping, since that's coming up in a few months.

Sunday, we went for a hike on a nearby trail... which ended up being more like a walk on the road, since it was closed too far from the trailhead for any of us to want to walk. Pretty sure the dogs had fun, though!

Humans: Riley (niece, left) & Asha (sister, right); Dogs: Loki, Ramesses, and Helo

My sister and her family slept in tents the first night, but my niece Riley decided she wanted to sleep in the trailer the second and third nights. Asha (sister) decided to sleep in the tent with her son. The tent arrangement worked even better in the comfort of my much cooler rated sleeping bag that I let her borrow.

Riley cozied up in the trailer bunk with all three of my dogs.

Corey and I weren't really impressed with Gatlinburg itself, but the mountain scenery around it was pretty great. I think if we repeat the trip another time, we'll elect to stay at the campsite and/or take the dogs hiking while my sister's family takes the kids into town.